Short stories exploring the phenomenon of personal broadcasting.

01The Restless Home20080609By Helen Cross, read by Eileen Mccallum.
An octogenarian former magician's assistant transcends her physical infirmities and the boundaries of her care home by secretly podcasting to a worldwide audience.
02The Second Life Of Jenny Durham20080610By Mark Lawson, read by Greg Powrie.
When Philip receives a text message from his dead wife, his bafflement turns to anger.
Who could perpetrate such a cruel hoax?
03Kimble And Phillp20080611By Edward Dock, read by Nick Underwood.
A loss adjuster finds himself embroiled in a beguiling mystery involving the abduction of his friend's nose.
04Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now20080612By Kate Pullinger.
A man's good intention to send a birthday greeting to a popular colleague results in his becoming a worldwide laughing stock.
Read by Billy Boyd
05 LASTThe Inter-not20080613By Stella Duffy.
A powerful yet invisible force, the internet has a voice, all-seeing, all-knowing and very weary of human frailties.
Read by Gabriel Quigley