0101Overnight Delivery20120405A new series in which Jarvis Cocker prowls the dark, finding stories of the night people...
Tonight, the theme is Overnight Delivery as Jarvis boards the red-eye, taking a transatlantic flight of the imagination - peering down at the human dramas beneath as the world slowly rotates - accompanied by Jarvis' own musical selections.
As Jarvis reaches cruising altitude, he finds himself gripped by the compelling life and death stories of a shepherdess in the midst of a very difficult birth, a transplant nurse on late shift and a priest who performs the role of deliverance ministry - in layman's terms: exorcism.
But this dark night is not without light relief, as Jarvis muses on the trying experience of long haul air travel, revealing his own antidote to a fear of flying: Hugh Grant.
Producer: Laurence Grissell.
Jarvis presents the dramas of a shepherd, a nurse, a priest and a transatlantic pilot.
0102They Only Come Out At Night20120412Continuing his new series of nocturnal meditations, Jarvis Cocker prowls the nation's night.
From dusk til dawn he searches for the people and things that only come out at night. Weaving his way between short features, he eavesdrops on an all night poker game where nerves begin to fray as the hours roll on; on a feminist punk gig giving musical expression to the call centre generation; and on an alcohol fuelled badger-watch where a man's mind unwinds and thoughts of sabotage begin to enter.
Producer: Neil McCarthy.
Jarvis eavesdrops on an all-night poker game and an alcohol-fuelled badger watch.
0103Behind Closed Doors20120419Jarvis Cocker takes to the streets to peer through stained windows, cold steel bars and Japanese paper screens, to find out just what goes on Behind Closed Doors at night time.
He joins a lock-in where the time bell is never rung, and peers into the deepest recesses of a lock-in brain that belongs to Jack, reliving the night when the doors shut in his brain.
On his nocturnal sojourn Jarvis recalls old times, on the streets of post-industrial Sheffield, and shares the loneliness of the long sentenced prisoner who dreams of empty streets under a full moon.
Take a night walk with Jarvis Cocker; bring a torch. You might find yourself in a dark corner, but you've got a good guide.
Producer: Sara Jane Hall.
Jarvis Cocker goes on a city night walk to find out what goes on behind closed doors.
0104 LASTNight Manoeuvres20120426Jarvis Cocker continues his prowl through the dark in the last of his new series Wireless Nights.
This evening he invites you on a curb crawl around the seamy side of town as he explores the theme 'night manoeuvres'. Driving through London he weaves his way in and out of the lives of other night riders who are always on the move. He joins a private investigator in Nottingham on a car chase and stake out on the trail of a man suspected to be having an affair; he finds a minicab driver lost in the Mersey fog between fares, haunted by an eerie bell; and is encircled by street skaters who spin around the neon-lit West End and dark car parks seeking thrills on wheels.
The ride might get a bit hairy at times, but he promises to drop you off safely at the end.
Produced by Neil McCarthy and Laurence Grissell.
Jarvis Cocker invites listeners on a curb crawl around the seamy side of town.
0201Night Of The Hunter20130509Jarvis Cocker returns to Radio 4 with his award-winning feature series exploring the human condition after dark. Tonight is the 'Night of the Hunter' and Jarvis turns his eye to the starlit sky with his mind on hunters and their quarry.
Taking his bearings from Orion, he follows a lamper across farmland hunting foxes by torchlight. A soldier takes him on a top secret mission behind enemy lines when the hunter became the hunted. He accompanies a young man nervously preparing for his first date, in pursuit of love. And a party of friends go out on the pull in Hull, with mixed results.
Join him on an aural journey of the imagination as he tunes into the wireless night.
Producer Neil McCarthy.
0202Nightwatch20130516Jarvis Cocker becomes a nightwatchman in a high rise office block as he continues his nocturnal exploration of the human condition.
Decked out in regulation uniform and armed with a powerful torch, Jarvis starts his rounds protecting London's 36 storey Euston Tower. Along the way, he hears tales from others keeping watch during the dark hours.
Among those who share their stories of late night vigilance are the parents of a young girl with a rare condition which causes her to stop breathing when she falls asleep; a man at a control centre in Portsmouth who monitors the Indian Ocean for Somali pirates and a former spy recalling a dangerous meeting with a Middle Eastern agent.
For Jarvis, the strain of this late lonely night starts to takes its toll as he attempts to play table tennis - with himself.
As ever, the stories in tonight's dark vigil are accompanied by Jarvis' own musical selections.
Producer: Laurence Grissell.
0203Nights Of Passage20130523Tonight, Jarvis Cocker's award winning nocturnal exploration of the human condition takes to the sea. Join him on the midnight sailing of a Channel ferry as he contemplates night crossings mythic and modern.
As he moves across dark waters he hears the miraculous story of Jeni, a castaway lost and found in the North Sea whose epic struggle took place at night. He meets Sean, a young wrestler who slips through the ropes of the ring for his first fight night and embarks on his own right of passage. Also on board, a wise old man of the sea, Swilly Billy, keeps Jarvis on course.
Charon, the ferryman of dead souls across the ancient River Styx makes an appearance but, fear not, sea sickness tablets are available the lights of Calais are not far off.
Produced by Neil McCarthy.
0204 LASTThe Darkest Hour20130530Jarvis Cocker stars in his own horror movie as he continues his nocturnal examination of the human condition, exploring the battle between the forces of darkness and light.
He hears from horror movie goers at the Electric Cinema in Birmingham, keen to turn the lights off and let the scares begin; the National Grid control room which is charged from keeping the lights on; and Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel - where the electricity switches off at midnight.
What is lurking in the basement as Jarvis approaches the darkest hour?
Producer: Laurence Grissell.


  • 28 Minutes


  • Genre: Life Stories, Factual


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