With Billie [Book Of The Week]

By Julia Blackburn.

Abridged by Emma Harding.



By Julia Blackburn.

Abridged by Emma Harding.

A biography of Billie Holiday, told through the voices of those who knew the great singer.

  • Billie Holiday....Alibe Parsons
  • abel meeropol....Rhashan Stone
  • alice vrbsky....kate harper
  • bobby henderson....Rhashan Stone
  • bobby tucker....Rhashan Stone
  • christine scott....kate harper
  • claire lievenson....kate harper
  • james ""stump"" cross....kennie a andrews
  • jimmy fletcher....kennie a andrews
  • jimmy rowles....Rhashan Stone
  • mae barnes....Alibe Parsons
  • mary 'pony' kane....Alibe Parsons
  • narrated by Julia Blackburn
  • pop foster....kennie a andrews
  • ruby helena....kate harper

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    Billie's singing career begins to swing in 1930s Harlem.


    Billie's relationship with her mother comes under strain.


    Billie Holiday's life, as told by her friends Stump Daddy and Jimmy Rowles.

    Billie charms her fellow musicians with her unique lyrical style.

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    Billie refuses to be cowed, even when the going gets tough.