Witness, The [Drama On 3]


2014020220151025 (R3)

By Vivienne Franzmann. A young Rwandan-born woman discovers a long-buried secret which shatters her feelings for her adopted father.

Captured in an iconic award-winning shot, Alex was rescued from Rwanda and adopted by the man behind the lens. Back from university and returning to the family home, the relationship between father and daughter cracks and then shatters as a long-hidden secret is slowly exposed. Based on the Royal Court Theatre production, this is a powerful and moving drama of modern morality.

Producer/Director Gary Brown.

The Witness by Vivienne Franzmann

Joseph....Danny Webb

Alex....Pippa Bennett-Warner

Simon....Chike Okonkwo

Paul....Lloyd Peters

Producer/Director Gary Brown

Vivienne Franzmann was a Drama teacher for twelve years. She left teaching in 2009 to pursue writing after winning the 2008 Bruntwood Playwriting Competition. The play that won - MOGADISHU -was also winner of the George Devine Award in 2010 and opened at the Royal Exchange theatre in Manchester in January 2011. She was awarded the Pearson Playwright Bursary for the Royal Court, which started in 2012. She has written for Radio 4 and her new play PESTS will premiere in the Spring seasons at The Royal Court and The Royal Exchange Manchester.