A Wizard Of Earthsea


19961226A young boy, Duny, nicknamed Sparrowhawk, has magical gifts which are powerful even for the island of Gont, a land famous for wizards.

But when he gains his True Name of Ged and travels to the Island of the Wise to learn the ancient secrets of wizardry, his youthful pride and anger cause him to unleash a terrible darkness into the world.

Doomed forever to be hunted by a nameless creature that would devour his soul and turn his powers to evil, the young wizard must journey beyond the edge of the world, battling dragons and encountering many perils, to confront the beast which only he can destroy.

Brought to life in this spellbinding BBC Radio 4 dramatisation, A Wizard of

Earthsea is a classic tale of high magic, courage and the neverending struggle

between good and evil.

With Judi Dench as The Narrator, Michael Maloney as Ged/Shadow, Emma Fielding

as The Girl/Serret, Richard Johnson as The Dragon of Pendor, Mark Burrows as

Young Ged, Abigail Docherty as Yarrow, Tom Felton as Ioeth with Jonathan Adams,

Sean Baker, Ann Beach, Keith Drinkel, Robert Harper, Ioan Meredith, Chris Pavlo,

Colleen Prendergast, Chris Scott, Kim Wall.

Dramatised by Bert Coules.

Directed by Janet Whitaker.

Music composed by David

Chilton and Nick Russell-Pavier.

NB the play was split into two parts for the repeat broadcasts.

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A young wizard releases an evil shadow into the world.

Stars Judi Dench.

Ursula Le Guin's magic fantasy stars Judi Dench and Michael Maloney.

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20091228 (BBC7)
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20110105 (BBC7)
As young wizard Ged battles evil, the Dragon of Pendor has risen again.

Stars Judi Dench.

Ursula Le Guin's magic fantasy stars Judi Dench.