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Lucy Duran presents more highlights from last weekend's WOMAD festival held at Charlton Park in Wiltshire. Including the Malian star Rokia Traore, Guy Schalom's Egyptian project Baladi Blues and the Brazilian beats of DJ Tudo. Producer James Parkin.

Rokia Traoré is a Victoires de la Musique award-winning Malian singer, songwriter and guitarist. Born in Mali as a member of the Bambara ethnic group. Unusually for a female musician in Africa, Rokia plays acoustic guitar as well as sings, and she uses vocal harmonies in her arrangements which are rare in Malian music. Her first album "Mouneïssa" (1997) sold over 40,000 copies in Europe. Her second album "Wanita" was widely acclaimed with The New York Times nominating it as one of its critics' albums of the In 2013, her latest album "Beautiful Africa" was released and she performed at the Glastonbury Festival.

Described as urban Egyptian dance music, Baladi Blues combine accordion and saxophone improvisations with Arabic percussion uniting some of Egypt's most renownedmaster musicians: Ahmed El Saidi, Sheik Taha and Aly el Minyawi.

Regarded as one of Brazil's most important researchers of that country's traditional cultrure, DJ Tudo has a collection of over 1700 recorded hours, including around 10, 000 LPs. The marrying of this amazing collection of sounds from all over Brazil with acoustic bass, electric bass, sampling, percussion, keyboards and programming has created the unique sound that is DJ Tudo.

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Lucy Duran presents more highlights from this year's WOMAD festival held at Charlton Park in Wiltshire two weeks' ago. Including the groups Dawanggang from China and Canzoniere Grecanico from Southern Italy. Producer James Parkin.

Dawanggang is a musical ensemble created by Song Yuzhe, an eclectic musician from the

North East of China. While the name Dawanggang has no other meaning than "what you see above", the content of the music reaches far and wide, from the nomadic themes of Western China to broad experimental lines.

Formed by writer Rina Durante in 1975, Canzoniere Grecanico is a traditional music ensemble from Salento, Italy. The seven piece band perform a contemporary style of Southern Italy's traditional Pizzica music and dance. Based in Lecce, the group performs under the direction of fiddler and drummer Mauro Durante. Canzoniere Grecanico has recorded 17 albums and performed all over the world. In 2010, they were awarded Best Italian World Music Group at the Meeting of Independent Labels festival in Italy.