Hannah Arendt, born 100 years ago this year, was among the most influential political thinkers of the 20th Century.

As a young German Jew, she fled to America in 1941 with her husband Heinrich.

Yet her name is historically entwined with a man who became a Nazi - Martin Heidegger.

This drama documentary, through private letters and interviews, tells the story of the 50-year relationship between the teacher and the student.

That Heidegger was her lover came as a shock to many; that she agreed to a reconciliation after the war still raises questions today.

Hannah Arendt....Sian Thomas

Heinrich Blücher....David Horovitch

Martin Heidegger....John Rowe

Director/Producer: Penny Leicester and Emma Harding.

Broadcast Dates

  • 20061006 (Radio 4)