A Woman On The Edge Of Time (omnibus)


2019061520190616 (BBC7)

In 1965, Hannah Gavron – a 29-year-old, bright, sophisticated sociologist – gassed herself in a flat in Primrose Hill, north London. She left behind a suicide note, two small children, and an about-to-be-published manuscript: The Captive Wife.

Four decades later, her son Jeremy tries to piece together the events that led to her death.

Omnibus of Jeremy Gavron's book is dramatised by Sarah Daniels starring Dominic Mafham, Helen Clapp and James Bolam.

Jeremy Gavron....Dominic Mafham
Judy Gavron....Helen Clapp
Young Leah....Amy-Jayne Leigh
Young Mima....Megan Webb
Bob....Sean Baker
Simon....Christopher Harper
Nurse....Debbie Korley
Hannah....Sarah Ovens
Aunt Susie....Susan Jameson
Tasha....Elaine Claxton
Shirley....Catherine Cusack
Susan....Georgie Glen
Tom....James Bolam
Friend....David Hounslow

Director: Emma Harding

First broadcast in five parts on BBC Radio 4 in 2019.

A son's investigation into why his mum took her own life in 1965.