Woman's Hour [summary]


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20170505 (R4)
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26/05/201720170526 (R4)
Are Women as likely as Men to Vote in the General Election? Walking Netball20170508 (R4)
Artist blacksmith Agnes Jones; Author Rachel Malik and the WI in prisons20170428 (R4)
Caitlyn Jenner20170426 (R4)
Childcare, Composer Ann Dudley, Children of Alcoholics, Craft Prize20170522 (R4)
General Election 2017 and women at Westminster, Lady Macbeth20170424 (R4)
Gig rowing; Jayne-Anne Gadhia20170420 (R4)
Judge Dhir, Birthplans, Princess Diana20170419 (R4)
Late Night Woman's Hour20170526 (R4)
Late Night Woman's Hour: Breakups
Late Night Woman's Hour: Breakups20170428 (R4)
Lily Cole, Embryos, Marine Le Pen20170421 (R4)
Lizzie Armitstead, Sex robots, Hidden illness, DV in fiction20170427 (R4)
Megan Mullally, Being Jane, The impact of TV show Girls20170422 (R4)
Megan Mullally, Toor Pekai Yousafzai (Malala's mother)20170418 (R4)
Phina Oruche, Fostering, The "Bunny Boiler"20170510 (R4)
Phina Oruche, Fostering, The Greedy Queen20170513 (R4)
Rupi Kaur, Financial abuse, Swimming Suffragettes20170515 (R4)
Shakira Martin, and embryo 'adoption' in the US20170502 (R4)
Shaving Your Head, Anxiety, Asian Woman of Achievement Awards20170511 (R4)
Sporting game-changers, 'adulting', Woman's Hour craft prize20170512 (R4)
The Greedy Queen, Body Hair, Lichen Sclerosus20170509 (R4)
Valerie June, the WI opens a branch in prison and are sex robots a danger to human intimacy?20170429 (R4)
Weekend Woman's Hour20170506 (R4)
Weekend Woman's Hour20170520 (R4)
Weekend Woman's Hour20170527 (R4)
What has Trump done for women? Grandparenting, Erin Kelly, Stalking20170425 (R4)
What's in a name?20170417 (R4)
Women and bikes20170501 (R4)