By Neil Cargill.

A comic recipe derived from disaster as would-be TV chef Tilly Kitchiner struggles to cook the perfect Christmas dinner - with the help of her celebrity guardian angels.

Tilly Kitchiner's life has been ruled and ruined by food.

She always yearned to cook exotic dishes, but her husband, Alfred, was only ever interested in eating mashed potato.

It was drummed into her during her childhood and now in marriage that food as anything other than ballast is sinful.

But all the while in her head, Tilly has been concocting the most exquisite miracles of nourishment and comfort and passion.

With Alfred's death, Tilly becomes a new woman.

She jumps at the chance to experiment in the kitchen, and with the help of celebrity chefs Antony Worrall Thompson and Aldo Zilli (who appear as themselves) she attempts to cook the perfect Christmas dinner.

With Thelma Barlow as Tilly Kitchiner.

Director David Blount.

Broadcast Dates

  • 20051223 (Radio 4)