Wonderful Visit, The [H G Wells]


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A lost, wounded angel spends a few disconcerting days in a small Victorian village.

Stories by the great English sci-fi writer.

Everyday life in a small English village is completely disrupted when the vicar accidentally shoots and wounds an angel who's somehow flown off-course.

Stars Bernard Cribbins as the Vicar, Richard Pearce as the Angel, Margot Boyd as Miss Hinijer, Norman Bird as Dr Crump and Kim Wall as The Storyteller.

Published in 1895, the original book is preceded by 'The Time Machine' and followed by 'The Island of Doctor Moreau'.

Dramatised by Stephen Gallagher.

Music by Mia Soteriou.

Director: Martin Jenkins

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1988.

Bernard Cribbins and Richard Pearce star in H G Wells' tale.

Vicar.... Bernard Cribbins
Angel.... Richard Pearce
Miss Hinijer.... Margot Boyd
Dr Crump.... Norman Bird
Storyteller.... Kim Wall

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in June 1988.