The Wonderful World Of Allaetitia



The Wonderful World of Allaetitia: Scenes from a 1960s Suburban Childhood.

1/5. The Cold War of Sunnyside Close

By Charlotte Cory

A new series of comic, sometimes surreal adventures set in 1960s Luton.

Cursed with a name no one can pronounce, she cannot spell and everyone likes to make fun of, 10 year-old Allaetitia escapes the dreary confines of her life by endlessly telling stories and allowing her imagination to get the better of her.

It is a long, hot summer at the height of the Cold War and Allaetitia is about to get rather more than she bargained for when she discovers a spy on her street in the guise of an ice cream man.

Allaetitia....Patricia Hodge

BBC Home Service....Geoffrey Wheeler

Young Allaetitia....Natasha Barnes

Father/Grice....David Fleeshman

Mother....Janice McKenzie

Percival....Ashley Margolis

Hortense....Rosie Fleeshman

Jack Frosty....Alexander Delamere

Librarian/Neighbour....Christine Brennan

Directed by Katherine Beacon and Susan Roberts.