Marianne Carey's comedy drama set in the offices of an Edinburgh insurance company.

Series 1 - Fiona Bell, Wendy Seager and Tom Smith. Directed by Patrick Rayner.

Series 2 - Fiona Bell, Gayanne Potter, Monica Gibb and Jenny Ryan.With Fiona Bell as Maxine and Gayanne Potter as Debbie.

0101Striking It Lucky19970722  
0102Smouldering Passions.19970729 Brian has a bit too much to drink.
0103The Icing On The Cake.19970805 Maxine steps out on the rocky road of love.
0104 LASTA Girl's Best Friend19970812 The marketing department learns the art of damage limitation.
0201 1998111720010502Lothian Rock is celebrating its centenary, but the employees of the marketing department face an uncertain future. With Fiona Bell and Gayanne Pot.
0202 1998112420010509The management consultancy team, headed by Adele `Jaws' Scott, descends on Lothian Rock.
0203 1998120120010516The management consultants draw up their report, and a new boy joins the department.
0204 1998120820010523It is the annual staff outing to Middlebury House, but not all the entertainment is as innocent as face painting and bungee jumping. With Fiona Be.
0205 LAST 1998121520010530