[R4 BD=19981208]

A five-part series of Marianne Carey 's comedy drama set in the offices of an Edinburgh insurance company. 4: It is the annual staff outing to Middlebury House, but not all the entertainment is as innocent as face painting and bungeejumping. with Monica Gibb , Jenny Ryan , Tom Smith.

John Shedden , Gavin Kean. Paul Birchard and Hilary Neville. Producer David Jackson Young

[R4 BD=19981208]

Unknown: Marianne Carey

Unknown: Monica Gibb

Unknown: Jenny Ryan

Unknown: Tom Smith.

Unknown: John Shedden

Unknown: Gavin Kean.

Unknown: Paul Birchard

Unknown: Hilary Neville.

Producer: David Jackson Young

Maxine: Fiona Bell

Debbie: Gayanne Potter