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In 1969, the now legendary Woodstock festival featured artists including the Who and Jimi Hendrix playing live. Today, Johnny Walker

Annie Nightingale and report live from Woodstock - the Revival.

Bands featured during a live 12-hour marathon performance include

Aerosmith, Alice in Chains,

Arrested Development, Joe Cocker , the Neville

Brothers, Santana, Peter Gabriel , Johnny Cash ,

Jimmy Cliff 's All-Star Reggae Band (featuring Rita Marley and Shabba Ranks) and Bob Dylan.

[R1 BD=19940813]

Unknown: Jimi Hendrix

Unknown: Johnny Walker

Unknown: Annie Nightingale

Unknown: Joe Cocker

Unknown: Peter Gabriel

Unknown: Johnny Cash

Unknown: Jimmy Cliff

Unknown: Rita Marley

Unknown: Bob Dylan.