Woody Allen - The Cabaret Years

To celebrate the 70th birthday of Woody Allen, comedian David Baddiel presents a short series about the early stand-up career of the legendary film-maker.



We discover how Allen's early work as a writer for many of the great American comics encouraged him to perform his own comedy routines at venues like The Blue Angel in New York and later on the Las Vegas circuit.

Along with many comedic moments from classic Woody Allen monologues, the programme also features exclusive interviews with US comedy legends Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner and Larry Gelbart

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David reveals the impact Allen's style of stand up humour had in the UK and how his material has influenced and inspired many British comedians.

The programme includes rare footage of his stand-up appearances in Britain, including a guest spot on The Dusty Springfield Show in 1966.

With contributions from Harry Hill, Alan Davies and Mark Thomas