The Talented Mr Ripley20000215The first of five programmes this week in which film director Anthony Minghella talks about his new film `The Talented Mr Ripley', an adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's novel.
The Talented Mr Ripley20000216Anthony Minghella talks about the postproduction of his new film `The Talented Mr Ripley'. He is at work in the editing suite, cutting the film from four-and-a-half hours to two-and-a-half.
The Talented Mr Ripley20000217Anthony Minghella talks about the making of his new film `The Talented Mr Ripley'. Today, he compares the process of working alone on the screenplay to the collaborative nature of filming on set.
The Talented Mr Ripley20000218Anthony Minghella talks about the music recording for his new film `The Talented Mr Ripley', working with composer Gabriel Yared and a ninety-strong orchestra at Abbey Road studios.
The Talented Mr Ripley20000219Anthony Minghella talks about `The Talented Mr Ripley', recalling his anxieties about how the public would receive his new film.