Programme Catalogue - Details: 1991053131 May 1991
Producer: R. WILLCOX
Previous in series: 07 October 1982
To celebrate 50th anniversary of the prog designed to lift spirits during WW2 Radio 2 repeats special edition recorded in 1982 as part of the 60th anniver- sary of BBC Radio Light Entertainment.
Subject Categories
light entertainment programmes (genre)
variety programmes (genre)
fiftieth anniversaries
workers playtime (radio programmes)
Broadcast history
31 May 1991 12:32-13:00 (RADIO 2)
Ray Moore
Arthur English (ent)
Colin Crompton (ent)
Richard Willcox (Producer)
Recorded on 1982-10-08.

Genome: [r4 bd=19901210] contributors

  • Unknown: Dr Zoltan Frankl
  • Producers: Claire Randall
  • Producers: Piers Plowright

Broadcast Dates

  • 19910531 (Radio 2)