World At One, The; Pm


Programme Catalogue - Details: 04 April 199019900404

BBC Programme Number: 47SX8518

Notes: CAIRS 478518

Next in series: 24 January 1991

Previous in series: 12 July 1989

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SBH:Kidneys for Sale - Dr. Raymond Crockett to be struck off. Extrs. from Dr. Crockett's statement to press. Says truth not ascertained. His concern was for patients - GMC found donors freely consented. Asks reporters which of them wouldn't pay to save their child's life. Did right thing before patients and peers and ""I did the right thing before God"". From: The World At One and PM.

Broadcast history

04 Apr 1990 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 4)


Raymond Crockett (Speaker).

Programme Catalogue - Station

Radio 4.