Genome: [r4 Bd=19700216]A play for radio by JOHN POWELL from the novel by JOHN BOWEN with Stephen Murray

Dinsdale Landen , Penelope Lee Sylvia Coleridge

John Bowen 's novel, hailed on publication five years ago as his ' most considerable novel so far,' intermingles two stories in its retelling of a myth.

The topical story is that of Gareth Payne , ' the honest man of British politics,' who resigns his office and retires to the Greek island of Lemnos. A young mp is sent there to persuade ' the Old Man ' back to England as Prime Minister. The ancient, heroic story- that of Philoctetes and Neoptolemus, is the subject of a dramatic manuscript upon which Payne is working: but the fiction becomes personal and disturbing. Cast in the manuscript:

Produced by JOHN POWELL


Unknown: John Powell

Novel By: John Bowen

Unknown: Stephen Murray

Unknown: Dinsdale Landen

Unknown: Penelope Lee

Unknown: Sylvia Coleridge

Unknown: John Bowen

Unknown: Gareth Payne

Produced By: John Powell

The Minister: Kerry Francis

Roger Turner, mp: Dinsdale Landen

Agatha Baron: Penelope Lee

Barbara Payne: Sylvia Coleridge

Gareth Payne, her brother,' The Old Man ': Stephen Murray

Caldecott, from the BBC: Peter Tuddenham

Philoctetes: Malcolm Hayes

Medon: David Spenser

Odysseus: John Bentley

Agamemnon: Clifford Norgate

NeoptOtemuS: Geoffrey Collins