World Elsewhere, A [Drama]


DRAMA2015063020170221 (R4)A sensitive examination of one Muslim teenager's path to radicalisation.

Drama from BBC Radio 4

DRAMA2015063020170221 (R4)A WORLD ELSEWHERE

by Clara Glynn

Rida is a Glasgow teenager. Like a lot of teenagers she argues with her mum, stresses about exams and spends too long on her computer. But as a young Muslim the pressures that she faces in her life, and the escape that she dreams of online, may contain dangers she has yet to imagine.

This innovative radio drama all takes place in Rida's online world - the place where she feels she can most be herself. We listen to the YouTube clips she finds, her instant messaging with friends and the bloggers she reads.

A WORLD ELSEWHERE is a sensitive portrayal of one girl's path to radicalisation.

All other parts played by members of the cast.

Producer/director: David Ian Neville.