World Music - Nights Of The Goddess



The first of four programmes in which Jameela Siddiq presents a portrait of Mumbai's musical life, starting with highlights from the city's leading festival - the open-air JanFest.

Bombay - since 1995 officially called Mumbai after the goddess Mumba Devi - becomes a city of music during the warm nights of January and February, with a series of festivals featuring INDIA's finest classical musicians.

Featured this year are the young flute virtuoso Ronu Majunder and mandolin player U Srinivas, acclaimed as the Eric Clapton of INDIAn music.


This week, Jameela Siddiqi meets Alka Yagnit, who is one of the new generation of Bollywood singing stars, and visits the workshop of two of the hottest of today's film composers - the brothers Jatin Lalit.


In her last profile of music in Mumbai, Jameela Siddiqi visits an all-night concert held under the stars in the city centre.

The concert features the sacred singing of the Gundecha Brothers, the powerful voice of Ashwini Bhide, and the virtuoso sitar playing of Shujaat Hussain Khan.


Jameela Siddiqi continues her exploration of music in Bombay with a visit to a shrine to hear a performance of `bhajan' - Hindu devotional songs.

The past year has seen an extraordinary growth in popularity of bhajan among Asians worldwide, and the programme joins a private devotional session led by current stars of bhajan Ashit and Hema Desai.