The World My Wilderness


0120020325Janet McTeer reads Rose Macaulay's classic novel about a young girl growing up in Britain and FRANCE immediately after the Second World War.Having run wild with the Maquis in Provence, Barbary is sent to LONDON by her parents.

She finds solace in the bomb sites.

0320020327Barbary is sent to Scotland for the summer holidays.
0420020328Barbary relies on habits learnt with the Maquis and gets into trouble.
0520020329Helen Deniston reveals the truth about her daughter.
0620020401Barbary and Raoul once again inhabit LONDON's bomb ruins.
0720020402Barbary is caught shoplifting, with disastrous results.
0820020403The fragmented Deniston family gathers under one roof.
0920020404Barbary slowly recovers and confronts her past.
10 LAST20020405Helen Deniston reveals the truth about her daughter.