World On A String

Don Black presents a four-part series celebrating the American songwriter Harold Arlen, the man behind some of the world's best-known songs.


01The Cotton Club Years20000530

This programme features arcHIVe recordings of Arlen singing his own songs and recalling his early years at NEW YORK's Cotton Club.

02The Hollywood Career20000606

This programme focuses on Arlen's move from NEW YORK to Hollywood, where he wrote one of the most memorable songs in `The Wizard of Oz'.

With performances by Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland.

03The Broadway Career20000613

This programme focuses on Arlen's success on Broadway, where he first made his name.

With performances by Barbara Cook, Bert Lahr and Tony Bennett.

04 LASTThe Final Years20000620

The series ends with a look at the last period of Arlen's life, years that were overshadowed by continued ill health and loneliness.

With songs performed by Lena Horne, Barbara Streisand and Judy Garland, and contributions from his son Sam.