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The Crucible by ARTHUR MILLER Donald Wolfit and Donald Houston with Jane Wenham , William Eedle and Pinkie Johnstone Salem, Massachusetts, in the spring of the year 1692

Of The Crucible the author has said that he wanted to write a play that ' would lift out of the morass of subjectivism the squirming, single-defined process which would show that the sin of public terror is that it divests man of conscience, of himself.' It is not irrelevant that The Crucible was first performed on Broadway in 1953 - in the McCarthy era. Cast in order of speaking:

Adapted and produced by JOHN TYDEMAN

9.58 Weather


Unknown: Arthur Miller

Unknown: Donald Wolfit

Unknown: Donald Houston

Unknown: Jane Wenham

Unknown: William Eedle

Produced By: John Tydeman

Reverend Parris: James Thomason

Abigail Williams: Pinkie Johnstone

Susanna Walcott: Patricia Leventon

Mrs Ann Putnam: Eva Stuart

Thomas Putnam: Roger Swaine

Mercy Lewis: Penelope Lee

Mary Warren: Jo Manning Wilson

Betty Parris: Elizabeth Proud

John Proctor: Donald Houston

Giles Corey: Norman Wynne

Rebecca Nurse: Mary O'Farrell

Reverend John Hale: William Eedle

Tituba: Vivienne Chatterton

Elizabeth Proctor: Jane Wenham

Francis Nurse: George Merritt

Ezekiel Cheever: Stephen Thorne

Judge Hathorne: Rolf Lefebvre

Deputy Governor Danforth: Donald Wolfit

Marshal Herrick: Roy Spencer

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700420]
Genome: [r4 Bd=19700420]

The Master Builder by HENRIK IBSEN translated by MICHAEL MEYER adapted by JOHN GIBSON with Leo McKern and Billie Whitelaw

When the play was broadcast in 1967 Gilbert Phelps wrote: He (Ibsen) had frequently compared his work to that of the builder, and there seems little doubt that the churches which his hero Halvard Solness had built in his youth stood partly for his own earlier romantic plays; the dwelling-houses of Solness's middle years for his ' social plays ' - and the tower from which Solness falls to his death for Ibsen's own return to the more imaginative explorations of his youth, with all the dangers which he knew were involved. Cast in order of speaking:


Music specialty composed and conducted by HUMPHREY SEARLE and played by the SINFONIA OF LONDON

Produced by JOHN GIBSON

followed by an interlude


Unknown: Henrik Ibsen

Translated By: Michael Meyer

Adapted By: John Gibson

Unknown: Leo McKern

Unknown: Billie Whitelaw

Unknown: Gilbert Phelps

Unknown: Halvard Solness

Unknown: Christopher Bidmead

Unknown: Antony Viccars

Conducted By: Humphrey Searle

Narrator: Alexander John

Knut Brovik: John Ruddock

Kaja Fosli: Gudrun Ure

Ragnar Brovik: Peter Marinker

Solness: Leo McKern

Mrs Solness: Viola Keats

Dr Herdal: Carleton Hobbs

Hilde Wangel: Billie Whitelaw

HILDA SCHRODER,: Wilfred Babbage

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700921]

Life is a Dream La vida es sueho by PEDRO CALDERON DE LA BARCA (written c 1630)

Translated by EDWIN HONIG adapted and arranged for radio by MARGARET ETALL and JOHN POWELL with David Buck as Segismundo all of life's dream, and dreams themselves are only part of dreaming

The action of the play takes place in Poland - many, many years ago.

Cast in order of speaking:

Music composed by DAVID CAIN played by CHRISTOPHER HOGWOOD (organ) with members of the SYMPHONIAE SACRAE

Produced by JOHN POWELL

(Joss Ackland is in Come As You Are' at the Strand Theatre, London)


Unknown: Pedro Calderon De La Barca

Translated By: Edwin Honig

Unknown: Margaret Etall

Unknown: John Powell

Unknown: David Buck

Composed By: David Cain

Played By: Christopher Hogwood

Unknown: Symphoniae Sacrae

Produced By: Joss Ackland

Rosaura, daughter of Clotaldo and in disguise: Prunella Scales

Clarin, her jester-servant: Timothy Bateson

Segismundo, Prince of Poland and son to Basilio...: David Buck

Clotaldo, an old man, tutor and gaoler to Segismundo: Joss Ackland

Guards SEAN BARRETT,: Alan Barry

JAMES THOMASON,: Godfrey Kenton

An Ambassador: James Thomason

Estrella, Princess of Poland and niece to Basilio: Elizabeth Proud

Astolfo, Duke of Muscovy and nephew to Basilio: John Rye

Basilio the Great, King of Poland: Maurice Denham

Soldiers: Sean Barrett

Soldiers: Alan Barry

Soldiers: Godfrey Kenton

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701012]

Uncle Vanya

Scenes from Country Life by ANTON CHEKHOV adapted by CHRISTOPHER HAMPTON from a translation by NINA FROUD with Susannah York Alec McCowen and Paul Daneman

Date: 1899


Produced by CHARLES LEFEAUX (Alec McCowen is in 'The Philanthropist ' at the May Fair Theatre: George Benson in ' Saint Joan ' at the Mermaid Theatre. London)

(' Uncle Vanya ' as BBCl'. Play of the Month: 1 Nov) followed by an interlude

9.58 Weather


Adapted By: Christopher Hampton

Translation By: Nina Froud

Unknown: Susannah York

Unknown: Alec McCowen

Unknown: Paul Daneman

Produced By: Charles Lefeaux

Produced By: Alec McCowen

Unknown: George Benson

Marina, an old: Wynne Clark

Dr Astrov: Alec McCowen

Vanya, Mrs Voynitsky's son: Paul Daneman

Alexander Serebryakov, a re: John Ruddock

WafflesTelyegin, also known: George Benson

Sonya, the professor's daughter by his first wife.: Susannah York

Yelena, the professor's secondWife: Helena Hughes

Mrs Voynitsky, mother of theprofessor's first wife: Betty Hardy

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