World Theatre Henry Iv


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700608]

by LUIGI PIRANDELLO translated by FREDERICK MAY and adapted for radio by MARTIN JENKINS with A madman is shut up in a villa in Italy following an accident at a carnival. Twenty years later his friends' come to visit him. Is he still mad, or is he sane? What is madness? What is sanity?

Produced by MARTIN JENKINS (Uadness-or sanity?: page 12)

9.58 Weather


Translated By: Frederick

Unknown: Martin Jenkins

Produced By: Martin Jenkins

Henry IV': Alec McCowen

Baron Tito Belcredi: George Baker

Dr Genoni: Maurice Denham

Marchioness Matilda Spina: Pauline Letts

Landolph: Martin Jarvis

Ordulph: Henry Knewles

Marquis Charles di Nolli: Sean Arnold

Frida, his fiancee: Janet Chappell

Berthold: David Spenser

Harold: Nigel Lambert

John the old manservant: James Thomason

The two servants: Harvey Edwards

The two servants: Andrew Sachs