Wither Internationalism
0101Play Horsey For Me1985010519850111A Victorian melodrama
0102For Your Hives Only1985011219850118
0103Heaven Is For Fascists1985011919850125
0104Gonads Alamo1985012619850201
016 lastSnogged Across The Borders1985020919850215"

AKA Wither Internationalism"

"AKA "Wither Internationalism"


0201Marooned But Not Harpooned1985101219851018
0202Narcissus Betrayed1985101919851025Written and performed by Mark Arden as Blenda Lee Cornes as Seesaw Mark Elliott as Gord Stephen Frost as Dr Fleshman Producer JAMIE RIX
0203Weedi, Needi, Greedi1985102619851101presents....
0204It Shouldn't Happen To A Vet1985110219851108Written and performed by Mark Arden as Carson Lee Comes as Mitch Mark Elliott as McGit Stephen Frost as Blutsky Produced by JAMIE RIX
0205Clutching At Straws1985110919851115
026 lastAladdin And The 40 Gook Killers1985111619851122Written and performed by Producer JAMIE RIX