Write Christmas

Festive stories with a twist.


AR01Regaining The Ashes20051219

Festive stories with a twist.

Written and read by Matt Harvey.

'Traditions are strange things.

Dad said tradition is doing what we do now because it's what we did then.

Precedent outranks practicality, he said....and sanity, he should have said.'.


Written and abridged by Susie Maguire, read by Stuart Mcloughlin.

The arrival of an unexpected guest at Christmas challenges Derek to re-think his life completely.

Producer Christine Hall.


By Candy Neubert, read by Kim Hicks.

Marion is not enjoying the Christmas party, but then she has just had an argument with her escort which resulted in a frosty silence - if such a thing is possible in the Caribbean.

Producer Christine Hall.

AR04Between Here And Knitwear20051222

Written and read by Chrissie Gittins.

A poignant reminder that when everything else is reduced to a melancholy farce, love and warmth give meaning to the season.

Producer Christine Hall.

AR05 LASTGrotto20051223

By Sheila Yeger, and read by Jennie Stoller.

Michael has spent much of his life trying to avoid confrontation, but being cast as Father Christmas is just about the last straw.

Producer Christine Hall.