Every day this week a well-known writer introduces a favourite story.

01Oysters20040510 A boy and his father stand hungry and destitute on the streets of Moscow, dreaming of oysters.
Chosen by short story writer Helen Simpson.
By Anton Chekhov
Read by Michael Maloney 
02Hence2004051120050206By Carol Shields.
Novelist and screenwriter Deborah Moggach introduces a favourite story, opting for a chapter from Carol Shields' last novel, Unless.
03Faith, Hope And Charity2004051220050213by John Mcgahern, read by Adrian Dunbar.
Chosen by bestselling novelist Joseph O'Connor 
04The Last Days Of A Famous Mime20040513 by Peter Carey, read by Michael Maloney.
The enigmatic tale of a great artist's last performance.
Chosen by Andrew Motion 
05 LASTA Conversation With My Father2004051420050220by Grace Paley, read by Lorelei King.
A successful writer tries to satisfy her dying father's wish for a proper story.
Chosen by novelist Ali Smith