Writing The Century 17 - The Iron Curtain (omnibus)


2019111020191111 (BBC7)

Fresh out of university, 21 year old Paula Kirby settles into her new home and job, teaching English at the University in Dresden but finds herself attracted to one of her students, a Dr Knut Löffler.

Omnibus of Nell Leyshon's drama, inspired by Paula Kirby's diaries, written when she taught English in East Germany in the 1980s, and her correspondence with paediatric surgeon Knut Löffler.

Writing The Century is the series which explores the 20th century through the diaries and correspondence of real people.

Paula.... Charlotte Emmerson
Knut.... Jonathan Keeble
Sarah.... Danielle Henry
Woman on train.... Melissa Jane Sinden

Director: Susan Roberts

First broadcast in five parts on BBC Radio 4 in November 2011.

Graduate Paula has a new teaching job but is attracted to a student.