01The Visit20030714The new tenant of Thrushcross Grange, Mr Lockwood, calls on his landlord Heathcliff at Wuthering Heights.
Adverse weather means he has to spend the night in this inhospitable place.
02Escaping Hell Visiting Heaven20030715Nelly Dean, the housekeeper at Thrushcross Grange, begins telling Lockwood the story of how Heathcliff came to own both Wuthering Heights and the Grange.
Lockwood learns that as children, Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw were inseparable.
03Reflecting Angels, Painting Devils20030716On her return to Wuthering Heights after five weeks at Thrushcross Grange, young Catherine Earnshaw appears transformed into a lady.
But when Edgar and Isabella come to visit, Catherine and Heathcliff show their true colours again and are thrown together.
04The Very Core Of Being20030717Nelly Dean continues to tell Lockwood the story of Heathcliff and Catherine as they grew up like free spirits on the moors.
Catherine makes a decision that will change both their lives - and that of Edgar - forever.
05A Splintering Of Souls20030718Lockwood, recovering from his chill, receives an unexpected visit from Heathcliff, which rouses his curiosity even more.
He begs Nelly Dean to fill in the details of what happened during his mysterious disappearance, and what were the circumstances of his return.
06A Beast Prowls The Fold20030721Heathcliff, having returned after three years, catches the eye of Edgar's sister, Isabella.
This, and Heathcliff's behaviour towards Catherine brings him into conflict with Edgar.
07The Death Drive20030722Catherine has an extraordinary response to the dispute between Edgar and Heathcliff, while Isabella's infatuation leads to serious consequences.
08An Angel Steps Into Hell20030723Nelly Dean receives a distressing letter from Isabella, who tells the story of the first few weeks of her marriage.
Visiting Wuthering Heights, Nelly is forced by Heathcliff to make an impossible choice.
09To Live Without A Soul20030724Catherine's illness worsens, and Edgar becomes angry with Nelly for hiding the truth.
Heathcliff turns up, uninvited.
10A Soul Escapes Purgatory20030725Isabella arrives at the Grange with a frightening story, and Heathcliff has even more shocking news to relate.
11Lambs To The Slaughter20030728Nelly Dean moves the story on to when Catherine and Edgar's daughter Cathy has grown into a teenager, having remained blissfully unaware of her true family history.
12A Haunting Takes Many Forms20030729Heathcliff reveals his plans to Nelly Dean, while Cathy attempts to make sense of the family relationships she encounters on a visit to Wuthering Heights.
13No Coward's Soul20030730As Heathcliff's plans begin to come to fruition, Cathy reveals she has inherited some of her mother's fighting spirit.
14Disturbing The Dead20030731Catherine's illness worsens, and Edgar becomes angry with Nelly for hiding the truth.
Heathcliff turns up, uninvited.
15 LASTA Strange Change Approaches20030801After a year away from the area, Lockwood returns to find great changes have taken place at Wuthering Heights.
  • by Emily Bronte
  • catherine - cathryn bradshaw
  • cathy - Annabelle Dowler
  • cathy linton - Annabelle Dowler
  • directed by Peter Leslie Wild
  • dramatised by Lucy Gough
  • edgar - Jonathan Keeble
  • hareton - Danny J Burns
  • heathcliff - Tom Goodman-hill
  • hindley - john flitcroft
  • isabella - fritha goodey
  • joseph - Dave Hill
  • linton - Christopher Kelham
  • lockwood - mark carey
  • nelly dean - Deborah Mcandrew
  • the house - Tracy-ann Oberman
  • the house - tracey-ann oberman
  • young catherine - natalia keery-fisher
  • young edgar - ben darlington
  • young heathcliff - charlie ryan
  • young isabella - hollie chapman
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