Yaa Asantewaa

Yaa Asantewaa tells the true story of a 60-year-old African woman who, one hundred years ago, waged a nine-month war of liberation against the British. Yaa Asantewaa is queen mother of Ejisu, part of the great Asante kingdom. When the British colonising forces threaten to crush her people, she rallies the Asantes to arms and herself leads a campaign of resistance that has become legendary. Yaa Asantewaa takes us to the heart of a bitter struggle between a mighty superpower and a woman who refuses to contemplate defeat, even in the face of superior weaponry. Driven by infectious conviction and grudgingly respected by her enemies, Yaa Asantewaa is ready to sacrifice everything to protect her nation's independence. But as a woman as well as a soldier, ultimately she is also conscious of the sorrow of the widows and orphans created by the terrible conflict. This epic David and Goliath story is told using Asante accounts of their last stand against colonisation, as well as drawing on letters and reports from British witnesses to history unfolding. By Margaret Busby.



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