The Year 1953

The Liverpool council house where Paul Mccartney grew up in the 1950s is the setting, as Robert Lacey recalls the events that shaped the modern world in the year 1953.


0101A Coalition At War20030602

American and British forces at war to bring peace and liberty to a far off land, the demise of a tyrant, and a Prime Minister in trouble.

Presented by Robert Lacey

0102Blue Suburban Skies20030603

Robert Lacey looks back at the domestic scene as Britain is hit by a mystery virus, housing and food shortages and the greatest natural disaster in the history of modern Britain.

0103New Elizabethans20030604

The dawning of a new age sees modern ideas about sex education, fathers urged to be present at the birth of their children, and the launch of The Samaritans.

0104A Year Of Achievement20030605

Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing Norgay climb Everest, at 38 the King of Dribble Stanley Matthews tastes victory in the FA Cup and the Queen Mum pilots a plane travelling faster than a jet fighter!.

0105 LASTA Great Year Of Radio20030606

It was a great year for radio as Paul McCartney listened to Radio Luxembourg tucked up under his candlewick bedspread, and the BBC gave us Children's Hour with Uncle Mac, Housewives's Choice and The Archers - 1950s style!.