The Yes, No, Don't Know Show


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The brief was simple enough: five minute 'created by anyone for everyone' around the theme of independence.

But then came the logistics. And don't forget the politics. And the fun, nerves and unexpected sadness.

In its most ambitious production to date, over twenty four hours, the National Theatre of Scotland staged 'The Great Yes, No, Don't Know Show', a series of 5 minute theatre pieces on the theme of independence. It was watched online by more than 26000 people in thirty countries.

The production was curated by two Scottish playwrights from opposite sides of the referendum divide. David Greig who voted for independence in September and David MacLennan who wanted Scotland to stay part of the UK. Sadly he died ten days before the production.

Edi followed the making of this epic production, capturing its highs and lows and bitter sweet success.