You And Yours - Insuring The Future


01Ancient And Modern20040216With exclusive access to Lloyds of London, the programme discovers how the insurance market has developed from its origins in a coffee shop back in 1715.
02Risky Business20040217: How would you insure against the risk of being kidnapped? With exclusive access, the programme examines the workings of syndicates, underwriters and waiters.
03Expect The Unexpected20040218Out of the 10 worst recorded storms in history, 9 have happened in the last 10 years.

With exclusive access to Lloyds of London, the programme discovered how insurers cope with unpredictable events, and whether terrorism or climate change provides the greatest threat?

0491120040219Apart from the human tragedy, the aftermath of September the 11th will cost Lloyds of London $9 billion.

This programme gains exclusive access to Lloyd's of London to find out what the future holds for insurance - and insurance premiums.

05 LASTLloyds And An Unpredictable World20040220A week of programmes going behind the scenes at Lloyds of London.

This edition asks if the world's oldest insurer is prepared for an increasingly unpredictable world.