You Drive Me Crazy



Once he loved powering down the motorway; now the very thought brings on a cold sweat. Paul Dodgson's play reflects on living with his newly-acquired fear of driving. Looking back on the cars in his life to try and trace the source of his anxiety, he remembers being 'Prince of the back seat' at six years old in his parents' half timbered Morris Traveller. Then, as a teenager, he couldn't wait for his 17th birthday and the chance to get behind the wheel of the family's Austin Princess himself. Later, as a young man in his thirties, he fell in love with his red MG Midget - enjoying nothing more than belting down country lanes blasting music way too loud. Then, something changed, and a fear began to take hold, a fear that would suddenly skew his vision, make the road seem to slide away, and his heart beat violently in his chest - a fear that quickly turned into a debilitating terror. Paul Dodgson writes and narrates his own story of living with driving anxiety disorder.


Paul.... Paul Dodgson

Dad.... Ewan Bailey

Mum... Sally Orrock

A BBC Cymru/Wales production, directed by Kate McAll.

After years of carefree motoring, Paul Dodgson developed a debilitating fear of driving.