You're Coming With Me Lad

Graham Fellows reads from Mike Pannett's account of his experiences as a rural policeman, having swapped a post with the Metropolitan Police for a return to his native North Yorkshire.



Mike returns from the hurly-burly of London to life as a village copper in the Yorkshire Dales.

But one quiet Sunday afternoon turns into a stand-off with a sword-wielding hothead.


When the Derwent floods, PC Mike Pannett is called on to rescue damsels in distress, travel through Malton in an unlikely ferry (possibly driven by a drunk driver) and meet the Deputy Prime Minister - or 'John' to his new friend.


Spring is in the air and a call from a Girl Guide troop brings PC Mike Pannett mixed blessings.

There is an idyllic walk through newly budding countryside and an open-air fry-up courtesy of the Guides, but a dead otter caught in a trap requires all his experience as a wildlife policeman to resolve.


It is May and summer is just around the corner.

Mike's introduction of someone special to somewhere cherished is curtailed by a night shift spent with a copper who knows how to eat and the high-speed pursuit across the Dales of two joyriders towing a caravan.

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Mike confronts two kinds of explosive devices: one in the hands of children is dealt with by the constable; the other, dispatched to North Yorkshire by Herr Hitler, is best left to the Army.