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2016052420180825 (BBC7)

What will happen when virtual reality games can deliver real love? A twisted romance.

Ben Tavassoli, Oliver Chris and Claudie Blakley star in Ed Harris's twisted romance.

What will happen when VR games can deliver real love?

Theo has been booked to give twenty-four hour care to a gamer who's in an elective coma. The new immersive game he's playing simulates your first love affair.

But is it a simulation? Not to Theo...

Ed Harris's writing for radio has included winning the Audio Drama Award for BILLIONS, Sony Gold for THE RESISTANCE OF MRS BROWN, the Writer's Guild Award for TROLL, and THE WALL nominated for the Prix Europa. He writes the radio 4 comedy DOT.

The music for the game is by Abi Fry

Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting.