Yulia Skripal Releases Statement After Nerve Agent Attack [world Service]



UK police have said Yulia Skripal's 'strength is growing daily' after her poisoning

BBC OS gives a vibrant account of the day\u2019s events with explanation and reaction from those involved.

Yulia Skripal and her father are in hospital in Salisbury, England, where the attack took place. He is still critically ill, but stable. We speak to BBC Russian to hear the latest reaction to this news. Also, Indian actor Salman Khan has been jailed for poaching rare antelope 20 years ago. And, can you be too tall for basketball? Well, apparently in South Korea you can. We speak to a man who is no longer allowed to play because of his height.

(Photo: Yulia Skripal. Credit: Yulia Skripal/Facebook)