Beyond The Pole


0101Why?1999052620000510Comedy by Paul Barnhill and Neil Warhurst.

With Sam West, Paul Barnhill and Neil Warhurst.

Director: Marion Nancarrow.

Brian and Mark have everything it takes to walk to the Pole, including sponsors.

But will they ever set off.

0102Wind1999060220000517Will the lure of RUSSIAn vodka prove more attractive than the potential glory of reaching the Pole? Probably.
0103Squelch1999060920000524As they trudge to the Pole, Brian struggles with a dodgy tummy, while Mark seems to be struggling with something in his SLEEPing bag.
0104Bleep Or Blood1999061620000531Brian has frostbite in all the wrong places.

A rival expedition looks like catching up.

0105Sock1999062320000607Brian decides to finish with Sandra, and Mark is devious with a woollen sock.
0106LASTFinished1999063020000614As the Walking Warriors approach the Pole, Brian decides to go out...

for a bit.