The Bottle Factory Outing [Drama]


DRAMA20190126Maxine Peake and Diane Morgan met auditioning at drama school, where they fell in love with Beryl Bainbridge's darkly comic novel The Bottle Factory Outing. They’ve wanted to play Freda and Brenda, the hapless yet hilarious central characters, ever since.. And so here they are, performing it at the BBC Radio Theatre, where they start by introducing it to the audience and talking about their love for the book and what makes it so good. With Sue Johnston as the narrator of the book, and Jonathan Keeble as all the male characters. Abridged by Abigail Youngman.
Producer Beth O'Dea

Diane Morgan and Maxine Peake celebrate and perform Beryl Bainbridge's darkly comic novel.

Drama from BBC Radio 4

SP20110528By Beryl Bainbridge. Set in 1970. On the day of the factory outing, the van that Freda has booked fails to turn up. Things rapidly go from bad to worse.

Beryl Bainbridge's story, adapted by Jane Rogers, set in 1970.


Beryl Bainbridge's story, adapted by Jane Rogers, set in 1970."