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1989101820160825 (BBC7)
20181025 (BBC7)
A new film seems doomed unless a young composer can save the day with a magical score.

1930s Britain: A young composer working in the film industry finds himself up against a number of eccentric types involved in a seemingly doomed picture.

Can he save the day with a magical score?

Guy Meredith's drama stars Maurice Denham as Alec Leeland, Ian Targett as Young Alec, Philip Voss as Maxwell Vine, Michael Graham Cox as Jack B Nimble, Petra Davies as Helen Holloway, Neville Jason as Claude Leroux, Joan Walker as Nellie Browne, Ian Michie as Billy, Philip Sully as the Film Narrator and Richard Tate as the Security Guard.

Director: Cherry Cookson

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1989.