Seven programmes of dance-band recordings from Europe and America from 1920-1945.


197B01Shall We Dance?19970528Seven programmes of dance-band recordings from Europe and America from 1920-1945.

From LONDON, the Savoy Orpheans, led by Debroy Somers and Caroll Gibbons, and the bands of Jack Hylton, Ambrose and Brian Lawrence; from NEW YORK, Duke Ellington and the Harlem Footwarmers, and the Casa Loma Band directed by Glen Gray; and, from Hollywood, the voice and feet of Fred Astaire.

197B02Mickey Maus At The Hotel Adlon19970604From BERLIN, Dajos Bela and his orchestra with vocalists Richard Tauber and Leo Monosson, and the Four Admirals in a song in praise of `Mickey Maus', plus German versions of Irving BERLIN's `Always' and `Happy days are here again'.

From NEW YORK, the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra with singer and dancer Eleanor Powell recorded in 1935 with `You are my lucky star' and `Got a bran' new suit'.

197B03Everything's In Rhythm With My Heart19970611From Buenos Aires, prewar recordings of tango singer Carlos Gardel; from LONDON, the orchestras of Jack Jackson and Billy Cotton, and the voices of Jessie Matthews and Vera Lynn; and from Copenhagen, Leon Abbey's Band, recorded at the Restaurant Hollaenderbyen in 1938.
197B04Night And Day19970618Foxtrots recorded in Leningrad and Moscow in the late 1930s and early 1940s, with pianist and bandleader Alexander `Bob' Tsafsman and singer Leonid Utesov.

And from 1930s NEW YORK, the bands of Tommy Dorsey, Jimmy Dorsey, Paul Whiteman, Ted Weems and Rudy Vallee and his Connecticut Yankees, with numbers by Gershwin and Cole Porter.

197B05I Won't Dance!19970702From Vienna, numbers from 1930s musicals with the Vienna Boheme Male Voice Quartet.

Plus the orchestras of Isham Jones, Johnny Green, Paul Whiteman, and Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians, and the voices of Bing Crosby, Carmen Lombardo and Ethel Merman.

197B06Voulez-vous Danser, Madame?19970709From BERLIN, the orchestras of Marek Weber, Stefan Weintraub and Teddy Kline; and from PARIS, Ray Ventura and his Collegians, Fred Adison and his Orchestra, and Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli and the Quintet of the Hot Club of FRANCE.
197B07 LASTTwo Sleepy People19970716A final mix of vintage dance band recordings from 1927 to 1943.

`Two SLEEPy People'.

From SWITZERLAND, Teddy Stauffer and the Original Teddies and Eddie Brunner and his Band `under the supervision of the Hot Club of Zurich'.

From LONDON, the bands of Geraldo, Ambrose and Sid Phillips; from Buenos Aires, the tango orchestras of Francisco Carnaro and Elvino Vardaro; and from Chicago and Los Angeles, the bands of Paul Whiteman and Botkin, with the legendary voices of Bing Crosby and Hoagy Carmichael.

197D01Dancing In The Dark19971126Carroll Gibbons (piano) and the Savoy Orpheans, the resident band at the Savoy Hotel, with vocalists Anne Lenner, Jack Plant and George Melachrino.
197D02Ambrose And His Orchestra19971203In the 1930s, they played the Mayfair Hotel, the Embassy Club, Ciro's and the Cafe de PARIS.

With vocalists Vera Lynn, Sam Browne and Evelyn Dall.

197D0319971210Featuring Lew Stone and His Band, who guested at the Monseigneur Club, and Charlie Kunz and the Casani Club Orchestra, with vocalists Vera Lynn, Al Bowlly, Eve Beck, Harry Bentley and Dan Donovan.
197D04Miss Otis Regrets19971217Jack Jackson and His Orchestra at the Dorchester Hotel, with songs by Jackson himself, Sam Costa, Peggy Cochrane, Fred Latham and Alberta Hunter in `Miss Otis Regrets'.
197D05Who's Been Polishing The Sun?19980107With songs from Jack Hulbert, Jack Buchanan, Sam Browne, Hildegarde, Hutch, Jack Cooper, Jessie Matthews, and the Swingtette.
197D06Side By Side19980114With numbers from the Savoy Havana Band, the orchestras of Ray Noble and Joe Loss, Noel Coward, Chick Henderson, and Betty Dale and the Blue Notes.
197D07Crazy Rhythm19980121With Ray Starita and the Ambassadors Orchestra, Henry Hall and the BBC Dance Orchestra, Harry Roy at the Mayfair Hotel, Mantovani and his Tipica Orchestra, bandleader Jack Hylton, and vocalists Pat O'Malley, Sam Browne and Ronnie Hall.
197D08 LASTI'm Old-fashioned19980128With the orchestras of Geraldo, Roy Fox, Sidney Lipton, Monia Liter and Jack Payne, and with songs from Noel Coward, Mary Peters, Al Bowlly and Cyril Grantham.