The Definitive History Of Uk Dance Music


01From Casinos To Warehouses - 1970 To 198720080621Zoe Ball looks at the story of UK dance music, as told by the biggest names on the scene.

Beginning with the 70s, when Wigan Casino was voted the best disco in the world, this history will explore and contextualise the roles that jazz funk, rare groove, hip hop, soul and US garage had in leading up to the acid house explosion of 1988.

02Explosion: 1988-199320080628The story of the imported attitudes and sounds of Balearic beat and the impact of those first seminal clubs - Shoom, Future, The Trip and Land of Oz.

Presented by Zoe Ball.

Part of Radio 2's Dance Music Season.

03 LASTUnderground, Overground - 1994 To The Present Day20080705As raves became effectively outlawed in 1994, so ravers became clubbers and the music moved back indoors.

We hear how dance music then became big business.

Part of Radio 2's Dance Music Season.