Elsie, Doris, Gert And Daisy [Annie Caulfield]


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Anne Caulfield's imaginative celebration of the classic music hall duo, Elsie and Doris Waters, and their immortal gossipy characters Gert and Daisy.

Larking about in a recording studio, Elsie and Doris created the ebullient Cockneys, who were to take them away from the East End and into a world they'd only ever dreamed about


Doris Walters. Celia Imrie
Elsie Walters. Susie Blake
Gert. Tilly Vosburgh
Daisy. Tessa Peake-Jones
Older Elsie. Ann Beach
Older Doris. Barbara Atkinson
Sam. David Bradley
Young Sam. Chris Wright
Mother. Patience Tomlinson
Father. Geoffrey Whitehead
Jack Warner. Stephen Critchlow
Young Jack. Guy Edwards
Lord Woolton. David Timson
Mary. Jill Graham
Kenneth. Roger May
Kenneth's Mother. Zulema Dene

Pianist: Colin Guthrie

Director: Marion Nancarrow

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1996

A celebration of a classic music hall duo and their immortal gossipy characters.