SD20120602A young girl emerges from a forest after a nameless war, knowing nothing of where she has come from or where she has been. She finds the local doctor, Charonne, trapped in the briar. After she has freed him he takes her back to his village where she lives in secret in his house. But she has been spotted by the villagers who wish to call Charonne to account for his conduct in the war.

As the pressure on Charonne mounts he disappears into a familiar story in which the young girl takes a leading role. Questions of guilt, memory and responsibility are all raised in The Forgotten, Hattie Naylor's dark retelling of the story of The Sleeping Beauty.

The play stars Tim McMullan as Charonne, Ruth Mitchell as Sylvanne and Laura Greenwood as Ireena.


Anton....John Biddle

Ireena and Rosa....Laura Greenwood

Young Charonne....Harry McEntire

Charonne....Tim McMullan

Sylvanne....Ruth Mitchell

Marie....Sally Orrock

Writer: Hattie Naylor

Director: Paul Dodgson

A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.