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01The Black Sox: Chicago V Cincinnati Baseball Fix19990205Programmes about headline sport stories.

When the hot favourites, the Chicago White Sox, were defeated in the 1919 World Series, there was widespread amazement.

Then eight White Sox players were accused of accepting payments to fix the game, prompting the baseball authorities to clean up the sport.

Presented by Rob Bonnet.

02Muhammad Alimuhammad Ali's Refusal To Fight In Vietnam19990212Ali was imprisoned for his stance against the Vietnam War; he was banished from the ring for three-and-a-half years and regarded as a pariah.

When public opinion turned against the war, he became a hero, returned to boxing and went on to reclaim his world title.

Presented by Rob Bonnet.

03 LAST1987 World Athletics Championships - Pleasing The Hosts?19990220Italian long-jumper Giovanni Evangelisti and Primo Nebiolo, president of the International Amateur Athletic Federation found themselves at the centre of allegations that the athlete's final jump was rigged to increase the number of medals gained by Italy.

Presented by Rob Bonnet.