Ggemma Cairney's Top Ten Radio Mavericks


20151128 (BBC7)BBC Radio 1 presenter Gemma Cairney is a self-professed 'radio obsessive.'

In this 3 hour special she shares the unique, brilliant and often irreverent voices that inspired her teenage self to be a broadcaster. The compelling radio personalities with verve and personality; the presenters that stood out and marked the emergence of a new and exciting youth culture; the presenters who, in some cases, proved controversial.

Drawing on her career in music radio, Gemma includes programmes, extracts and personalities from across the BBC: Radio 1, 1xtra, Radio 2, Radio London, 6Music and Radio 4. The Top Ten voices past, present and future who have influenced and continue to inspire Gemma to work in her favourite medium.

With contributions from the Today Programme's award-winning John Humphrys, radio presenter, enthusiast and maverick Iain Lee and BBC Radio 1 & 1xtra's fireball Charlie Sloth.

Producer: Sarah Wade

Made for BBC Radio 4 Extra and first broadcast in November 2015.