2019111520191118 (RW)Welsh poet Sophie McKeand invites you into the colourful world of fellow poet and artist, Childe Roland, who passed away earlier this year. A long term resident in Llangollen, Childe Roland is the nom de plume of Peter Meilleur. A multi-dimensional artist, Peter's pre-occupations were many and various. A gifted artist and linguist, he worked in Welsh, English and French. His dedication to his art was total, working at his poetry every day, a dictionary at his side. A perfectionist, often just one word would be the result of a day's hard labour. when asked, he was never willing to explain his work because his poetry is made to be listened to. He always felt it was up to the listener to decide on its meaning. Spending the day in Llangollen, Sophie retraces her steps up to Peter's house, recalling her visits to Peter and his wife Sue. We meet those who knew and loved him, hear from Peter reading his own poetry in rare home recordings, and Sophie and Peter's widow Sue perform their personal favourites, among his works, including Peter's unique take on Shakespeare's Hamlet, Ham & Jam,

Welsh poet Sophie McKeand pays tribute to the wildly brilliant work of Childe Roland.