The Hand Of Ethelberta20210307During 2021 on Radio 4, Hardy’s Women takes a fresh look at the novels of Thomas Hardy, through the eyes of some of his female protagonists

The Hand of Ethelberta

Adapted By Katherine Jakeways.

All of London Society is in pursuit of Ethelberta's hand, but the infamous poet is not exactly the lady they think she is. Her claim to distinction is one of brains rather than blood. Her sister is her maid, her brother her butler, and she has just a year left before the whole family are left homeless and penniless. She must find a rich husband before the truth gets out. As her many ridiculous suitors pursue her half way across France, a farce is inevitable.


Ethelberta - Rebecca Humphries
Picotee - Abra Thomspon
Christopher Julian - Alfred Enoch
Lord Mountclere - Adrian Scarborough
Neigh - Simon Armstrong
Ladywell - Lee Mengo
Chickerel & Mountclere's brother - Michal Bertenshaw
Aunt Charlotte & Mrs Petherwin - Heather Craney
Menlove & Faith - Catriona McFarlane
Joe - Tom Forrister

Harp - Alis Huws
Piano - Branwen Munn

Directed by John Norton
A BBC Cymru Wales Production

All of London wants to marry the infamous poet, but she's not the lady they think she is.

Bold new dramatisations of Thomas Hardy novels through the eyes of his female protagonists